• Hey there,

    I'm Franco Fiori, a Full Stack Web Developer with knowledge in React, React Native, Node, PHP, SQL and GraphQL. Currently working as a Tech Lead at Linkus, a platform that connects freelancers and recruiters. I love problem solving activities and looking for projects that I could be passionate about that helps me grow as a professional.

    My Resume



    CTO and Co-founder at Popmeals, a solution for the purchase of food and merchandising at events. Led the project's architecture decisions and technology selection, including NextJS and Nest.

    Tech Stack

    • NextJS
    • Nest
    • Startup


    Lead developer at Linkus, responsible for migrating the front-end from Drupal to React. Also managing new feature development and ongoing maintenance.

    Tech Stack

    • React
    • Front-end
    • Migration

    Sigo Seguros

    Fullstack developer for Sigo Seguros, a startup offering virtual vehicle insurance. Utilized Next, React Native, and NestJs for the project.

    Tech Stack

    • Next
    • React Native
    • NestJs


    Implemented various self-taught technologies for the final project of the "SoyHenry" bootcamp. Created a mobile quiz app with user-uploaded quizzes and a dashboard.

    Tech Stack

    • RNative
    • GraphQL
    • MongoDB
    • Typescript
    • NextJs


    Developed a project for the SoyHenry bootcamp, utilizing React, Redux, Node, Postgres, Sequelize, Firebase, Google and Facebook Authentication, and Mercadolibre/Paypal checkout.

    Tech Stack

    • React
    • Node
    • Firebase
    • Postgres


    I have extensive experience working with a variety of technologies as a developer. I've developed and maintained multiple projects using these technologies, and I'm always eager to learn more.

    • React / RN

      Frontend for web and mobile apps
    • NestJS

      Backend for web apps
    • Next

      Fullstack applications
    • PHP

      Symfony framework
    • Typescript

      Types fundamentalist
    • Tailwind

      Better way to style
    • Graphql

      Typesafes APIs
    • MySQL

      Storing client and user data
    • Firebase

      Storage and database

    My Journey

    Throughout my journey, I've gained a wealth of knowledge and experience in both development and life in general. I’m always eager to learn more and take on new challenges.